OSIA submission to IP Australia re ACIP's revised recommendation on the innovation patent system

The principal recommendation of OSIA's October 2013 submission to the ACIP review of the innovation patent system was to abolish it. Whilst ACIP initially declined to make a firm recommendation on the future of the innovation patent system in Australia, following IP Australia's publication of quantative research in the area in May 2015, ACIP amended their report with a revised recommendation in line with OSIA's. The MInister subsequently directed IP Australia to conduct a further round of consultation on ACIP's revised recommendation. On 25 September 2015, OSIA lodged a submission with IP Australia, supporting ACIP's revised recommendation and again also calling for software to be excluded from patentability altogether. The full text of the submission can be downloaded below.

osia_sub_201508_ip_au.pdf137.59 KB
Friday, 25 September, 2015