Submission to Inquiry into Technological Protection Measures (TPM) Exceptions

About this Submission and Open Source

I am a director of Open Source Industry Australia Limited (OSIA). I make this submission on behalf of that company. OSIA is a company limited by guarantee established to represent the interests of the open source industry in Australia.

Open source is a new development and licensing model for intellectual property. Open source is widely regarded to be the future mode of development of most software and its best known operating system Linux, as the only viable contender to Microsoft's dominance of the personal computing market. Open source is supported in Australia by a number of substantial players in the IT sector, including IBM, Sun, HP and CSC. Many of the leading figures in the open source movement, and key open source projects are Australian in origin. Open source has been acknowledged in a wide variety of Government initiatives both in Australia and around the world.

For further information see attached.

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Friday, 7 October, 2005